The NAIS Advantages

As a 100% Native American owned U.S. SBA certified company, NAIS offers several advantages for you in your federal, state or municipality public sector bids.

  • Keep your current program - We will work with you to construct the appropriate products and services needed for your contract proposal.
  • Certified SDB with the U.S. SBA - Our participation in your bid can help you meet and/or exceed your minority participation requirements.
  • Qualify for Rebates - Under the FAR Clause Indian Incentive Plan your Department of Defense contracts may be eligible for a 5% rebate on the subcontracted amount with NAIS. The rebate is free money - not included in the contract itself - that can be taken as a bonus or used to reduce the cost in your bid.
  • Eliminate Giving up any Portion of Your Contract - Keep control of your core product or service. By incorporating NAIS in your bids your minority participation can be met without sacrificing what you do as a business. We can help you eliminate worries of quality control and security because you do the work, not a subcontracted firm included in your bid to meet minority requirements.

By choosing NAIS, you can: