Eliminate Giving Up Any Portion of Your Contract

NAIS delivered a competitive bidding advantage of 50 per employee hour.

One of our clients provides employees to work at federal offices nation-wide and uses our services to manage the fringe dollars to satisfy their SBA minority requirements. NAIS designed and implemented the employee benefits for employees of this joint venture to meet its minority participation requirements of the contract. For this client, we secured and administer an employee group health plan, which includes life insurance, dental coverage, as well as short and long-term disability. In addition, a 401(k) savings plan was implemented.

The savings were not from offering low-cost insurance products or inferior benefits. These savings were made possible due to our minority status. Our client did not give up a portion of its employees to a minority owned personnel firm, which allowed them to keep control of their core business. Without another company providing employees in the contract proposal, the federal government was able to forgo additional costs and concerns regarding security screening.

Keep control of your core product or service. By incorporating NAIS in your bids your minority participation can be met without sacrificing what you do as a business. We can help you eliminate worries of quality control and security because you do the work, not a subcontracted firm included in your bid to meet minority requirements.

By choosing NAIS, you can: